Why You'll Love These Leather Goods

Why You'll Love These Leather Goods

1974 leather goods are best known for their off-the-cuff attitude. Indie-spirited. Modern, yet vintage infused. Where stories have seeped in, dwelling in each piece of leather before it’s even made into the heirloom it will become. Where quality over quantity reigns. Where the distinctively designed and handcrafted rise above a sea of mass produced, stamped out patterns. How textures, scars, and markings from the past become the highlight of each piece made today. Never linear. Never perfect. Never stays the same. 

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Why You'll Love Your 1974 >>

+  You're supporting a Woman-Owned, American Handmade, Small Business

+ 1974 leather goods are made using Italian vegatable-tanned leather (Less chemicals for you, me and those who work in the tanning industry).

+ All items are distinctively designed by me... leather artisan, Beth Dryden, who has worked with leather for over 10 years. No two items will ever be the same due to their handmade nature. No die cutting or mass produced patterns are used. 

+ Each 1974 piece is carefully crafted... hand cut, hand punched, hand stitched with my own two hands. 

+ It will become a trusted companion on your uniquely textured journey.

+ Your 1974 will arrive from my hands to yours with that vintage, lived-in kinda feel and vibe ready.

>> Who's ready for their own 1974? Which piece will you choose?

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