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1974 leather goods will be loved for their indie-spirited ways. They are sturdy and strong. Modern, yet vintage infused. Where stories have seeped in, dwelling in each piece of full grain, Italian leather before it’s even made into the heirloom it will become. Where quality over quantity reigns. Where the distinctively designed and handcrafted rise above a sea of mass produced, stamped out patterns. How textures, scars, and markings from the past become the highlight of each piece made today. Never linear. Never perfect. Never stays the same. Each piece will arrive from my hands to yours, ready to be a trusted companion on your uniquely textured journey.

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    Excellent craftsmanship. This Savannah River Tote is what dreams are made of. Happy to support a small business.

    < Stacey >

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    Thank you 1974 Leather for creating this high quality, American made wallet that I am proud to show off. The Finnegan is strong, good looking and is designed to meet my needs.

    < Henry >

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    Beautifully made products! Custom finishing touches and attention to detail take this artist and creator over the top.

    < Lindsey >

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meet Beth Dryden

as the artisan & owner behind 1974, her hope is for these leather goods to arrive from her hands to yours... ready for that journey.

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