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1974 Leather Co.

1974 Leather Match Case

1974 Leather Match Case

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There is something about that first strike of a match... that burnt match smell and seeing that all-familiar warm fire glow ready to light that cigar and the kindling in the firepit. These long, espresso-stained matches stashed in a handmade leather case are the epitome of where functionality meets design. Grab your friends, that 1974 Whiskey & Wine Tote and head outside for a night to remember. 

++ A complimentary shortie case with 20 matches comes with each purchase of a Sunday Edition Candle >

<<< • >>>

Why You'll Love It

+  Made for badass humans & their fine cigars, luxe candles & outdoor adventures
+  The leather case is made with tan vegetable-tanned leather, stamped with the iconic 1974 logo, & fastened by an antique brass button. 
+  Each case fits 20 matches... you'll also receive a complimentary refill of 20 matches (40 total)
+  You can reuse this case... reorder more matches or use it as a card case wallet or jewelry holder
+  Comes with a striker sticker placed right on the leather case for ease/convenience
Compromised and split matches have been weeded out from each set
+  Swathed in Smith's Leather Balm, ready for it's journey
+  You're supporting a woman-owned small business

+  The leather case measures 4.25" L x 3" W
+  The large matches are roughly 4" long & shorties are 2" long

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