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Remember to hold fast to those people who have your back, those places that have that special vibe, and the moments where those non linear connections craft our legacies and weave us into the unique humans we become. 1974 is honored to be along for the ride.

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a note from the artist

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My studio is currently filled with rays of golden light and the warm scent of leather. Every now and then a lovely breeze flows in, reminding me to breathe. Belle, my American bulldog rescue, moves around to find the perfect patch of sunshine to lie in. Shuffled tunes are playing… Pancho and Lefty drifting on a Magnolia Wind while Facing West sometimes leaves me with Hysteria… Hey Mama and Weird Fishes lift my Broken Wings with Tupelo Honey. So much inspiration for my artistic style is influenced by these moments, those songs, that breeze.

While I wholeheartedly believe making accessories was woven into my DNA and meant to be part of my journey, working specifically with leather just kind of found me. I immediately fell in love with the textures, markings, raw edges, and organic shapes. The way you could just make something without having to line it or worrying about fraying edges. You could make it what it was calling to be, effortlessly. I find beauty in all things that are less than perfect. Multi-layered with depth, soul…scars. But what I love the most, is how these pieces of functional art, go from my hands to yours becoming an extension of you and your own unique journey only acquiring more beauty and character over time. There is magic there and I’m grateful you’re taking 1974 along for the ride.

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1974 leather goods are best known for their off-the-cuff attitude. Indie-spirited. Modern, yet vintage infused. Where stories have seeped in, dwelling in each piece of leather before it’s even made into the heirloom it will become. Where quality over quantity reigns. Where the distinctively designed and handcrafted rise above a sea of mass produced, stamped out patterns. How textures, scars, and markings from the past become the highlight of each piece made today. Never linear. Never perfect. Never stays the same. 

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