1974 Leather Moon River Crossbody

A Nod to Moon River

Disclaimer // When I designed the River Collection back in February, I had this smaller crossbody in mind, but for whatever reason, decided to leave it out. Until now... I could hear it beckoning me... design it... make it... and share it with the world. So I did. 

Meet the Moon River Crossbody. A lovely, small-but-mighty version of the Savannah River and what better name to give it, than Moon River. A grateful nod to this beautiful low-country place and to those who came before us... leaving us with beautiful music to marvel over. I humbly hope to create a legacy as well in my work... functional art... timeless leather goods to become heirlooms. Thank you Johnny Mercer, Henry Mancini and Audrey Hepburn for the inspiration. Ever grateful.

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About the River Collection 

A distinctively designed collection that was inspired by the raw, rustic, organically shaped edges found on any tanned leather hide. Sometimes those edges are usually slightly darker in color and could show more texture, depth, and beauty. No two will ever look the same. On each design throughout the collection, two edge pieces are joined by a central piece that mimics the way a river would look from a birds-eye view. A connection is created in this moment, similar to us on our life journey and how people, places, and things weave us into the unique human we become. Never linear. Never perfect. Never stays the same. 

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