Whiskey with a Side of Thunderstorms

Whiskey with a Side of Thunderstorms

I'm all about a night by the fire with friends... however, tonight in Savannah... it's a bit stormy. I actually quite love these late summer afternoon storms... Time to unwind the day, smell the good earth as it rains and listen to the drops patter about. And for some reason... whiskey has been on my mind today. 

I'm no aficionado... and actually, I'm a bit of a rookie when it comes to this amber liquid gold. I do love a good Manhattan but beyond that (and the Poison Apple -Martha Stewart- recipe with Maker's Mark I made years ago at a Halloween party)... I'm a bit lost in this world I find intriguing. So, I decided to head down to my local liquor haunt and grab some insight and a sampling of airplane bottle sized whiskey/bourbons to do my own little tasting. 

Of course, the first question... What is the difference between Bourbon, Whiskey and Rye? Then there's Irish Whiskey too. Well, in short, I learned it's pretty much all the same. Bourbon has a slightly less alcohol content... Rye has more of a kick to it and Irish whiskey is made... well in Ireland of course. 

It's a start. I came home with a lovely little bag filled with 5 teeny bottles of bourbon whiskey. (Sadly there was no Rye to try). As you can tell I've already tried the Woodford Reserve and am now sampling, Larceny. The other three are Savannah Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon (which I said, "ooh, is that pronounced -boo-ley- and he said no, it's Bullet") lol :), and Buffalo Trace. Doubt I will get to them all this evening, but excited to try them nonetheless. Already have a little tasting notes journal going too. Could use your help tho... what's your favorite whiskey/bourbon/rye and is it small batch or mass produced? I love small batch anything. Any other tips, send them my way. Cheers and Happy Friday.

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