Magnolia Wind

Magnolia Wind

My studio is currently filled with rays of golden light and the warm scent of leather. Every now and then a salt-infused breeze flows in, reminding me to breathe. Belle, my American bulldog rescue, moves around to find the perfect patch of sunshine to lie in, lifting her nose every now and then to catch a whiff of coastal air. Shuffled tunes are playing… Pancho and Lefty drifting on a Magnolia Wind while Facing West sometimes leaves me with Hysteria… Hey Mama and Weird Fishes lift my Broken Wings with Tupelo Honey. So much inspiration for my artistic style is influenced by these moments, these songs, that breeze. As many times as I have moved away, Savannah keeps calling me back, allowing me to begin again with more grace and peace than ever before. 

Hope this day finds you well,

B & 1974

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