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Eloise et moi

Eloise et moi // Plant Dyed Folk Bandana in Sand & Rust

Eloise et moi // Plant Dyed Folk Bandana in Sand & Rust

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Waiting for your next wild adventure... the Folk Bandana, exclusively designed for Eloise et moi and hand-dyed in small batches with natural dyes. This cotton bandana is inspired by plants from nature (where all natural dyes come from) and with a Southwestern vibe. Hand-dyed in an earthy, calm palette.

Made in 100% premium cotton fabric // Each one measures 22 x 22 inches with rust-brown screen-printed ink

Various Uses // Why you'll love it >>

+ Use it as a bar towel 
+ You can wear it as a headband, around your wrist, or as a tie in a ponytail
+ A classic accessory suitable for all
+ Wrap 
that special gift, Furoshiki style... 
+ Could be a perfect gift for your eco-friendly pal or 4-legged friend
+ It is made in organic certified cotton, hand dyed with natural extracts by artisan Ro of Eloise et moi
+ Woman Owned // Handcrafted with love in New Mexico

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More about Eloise et moi :: An artisan's story

"I believe in stories... of people, of their objects and possessions. I think the things we have, tell OUR story. Not a simple product, not just any product but something made, crafted with soul... honoring the process and art of handmade. Simple, pretty, and useful as well as sustainable and handmade. Using premium quality fabrics and materials, making timeless and Earth-friendly products for you and your home." Ro - owner of Eloise et moi


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