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Sunday Edition

Sunday Edition Candle // Dawn

Sunday Edition Candle // Dawn

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Carried from crisp sheets into the quiet of the morning. The first glimmers of light leaking through a crack in the curtains. Outside, a soothing wake-up call, as a bird begins her song. Soft steps on the hardwood floor, steam rising from a cup of tea; move slowly through this magic. Dawn sparkles, and thoughts stir awake in a tango of citrus, white lily, and peony. Anchored by clary sage and cedarwood, a new day stretches ahead, under rays of golden sunshine. 

Bonus // Luxury espresso-stained shorties matchsticks in a leather case will accompany each order. (2" matches x 20)

Scent Notes
Top: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Agave Nectar
Heart: White Lily, Peony, Amber
Base: Musk, Clary Sage, Cedarwood

Details & Why you'll love it //

+ 9oz / 255g
+ 60+ hour burn time
+ Artisanal ceramic vessel
+ Coconut + soy wax blend
+ Cotton Wick
+ Clean fragrances
+ Parabens and phthalates-free
+ Woman Owned // Handmade in NYC


About Sunday Edition 

Sunday Edition is an artisanal aromatherapy brand that helps inspire moments of connection, reflection and space. We were born from the desire to slow down and to connect with nature. Our creations are inspired from art and design. We choose natural ingredients for their olfactory beauty and their therapeutic enhancing qualities. Each of our scents serves as a daily reminder of the beauty that exists around us. Our candles are formulated with essential oils, natural aromatics and clean fragrances. We use a custom blend of natural wax and premium cotton wicks that contain no additives or chemicals for a clean burn. Our candle colors are made from vegetable dyes and contain no hazardous solvents or toxins. At Sunday Edition we strive to create sustainable, conscious products. Our company’s foundation is built on quality and craftsmanship. Our scents are driven by intention. We bring you the best that nature has to offer.

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