Rad Bliss Revival at '74 is a curated market featuring artisan goods for badass humans. Currently spotlighting West Path Textiles. Handmade in Mexico.


WEST PATH >> We are surfers, yogis, artists, hikers, and all-around fun-havers. We’re the ones hollering at your good wave, and we’re the friend high-fiving you at the top of the mountain. We’re the nature-lovers, wanderlusters, and the barefoot hippies in your life. We are West Path, your friends, and your teammates.

In short, we are part of the same communities you are. And being a part of these communities makes us feel like we have the obligation to protect and give back to these things we love.

West Path is committed to sourcing products in the most ethical way possible. This starts with the materials we use, and goes all the way through how the goods are packaged and delivered. We utilize environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, whether it's for our own products, or when buying from other brands. Each blanket is hand-loomed in the traditional way as it has been for centuries.

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